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Product Features

Wholepack is a professional manufacturer of innovative P.P cup lids, sleeves, cups and pouch in Taiwan. Our innovated cup lids give people a smarter, safer, and easier way to drink their beverages.



Worldwide Patents

Injection Manufacturing Process:Perfect seal and safe
Smart Drinking Spout:3D spout like straw
Inner Barrier:Reducing the flow to prevent scalding
Spout Plug:No leaking at all and repeatable switch (Provide Customized)
Push-port for easy drinking & comfortable 
One finger press and drink
                 Hot and Cold Shared lid 
〈Cup Lid Top View〉



Green Materials

Safety & Reliable
Recyclable & Eco-Friendly
Food grade PP-Lids PS-Conventional Cup Lids

 ◎ High heat-resistant up to 120°C

 ◎ Perfect seal and secure  

◎ Non-Toxic below 80°C
◎ Easy to cause leaks and insecure


A Best Advertising Media

Use Smart S-Lid not expense, It is the best way to make money & profit.



Transparent Tinted S-Sleeves

Always Keep Your Original Image & Keep Your Brand Visible


Spout Plugs

Small plug but big advantages. (Provide Customized)